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22 octobre 2011 6 22 /10 /octobre /2011 06:57

i never did a complex diorama before, this was my first one, and i must admit i learn a lot doing it

in particular what not to do, and i discover i have to learn a lot on the composition

for me it's the biggest problem of this piece, the second one is the too clear color of the rocks

color value of minis and diorama melting together...it's a catastroph or crapp, as you prefer !!!!


to resume it's the worst work i never did


won't do a detailed tutorial on this one, it's not worth


here is a gallery of all the construction steps


i begin by molding the interior of my bunker in resin, and then begin the work of conversion, adding plasticart, bits of GW tanks to simulate the interior of this bunker


the first idea was to put the bunker into a square box i did in plasticard 2mm, but i change my mind and decide to do a piece of rock....it was a mistake, in a square box the composition would be better....as i say you learn everytime from your mistake !!   


to put together the top of the diorama and the down part, i use a sculpted rock sculpted in milliput, molded in silicon, and reproduced in resin, then broke in little pieces, glued together and filled together with milliput.


it was very long, i use 1kg resin and 7 putty boxes of milliput !!


you will see on some pics a tree who had been erased, it looked like a tree for miniature train


the only thing i'm happy with this diorama, is the deepness effect of the down part of the diorama, it gives really something interesting to this part.


 gd-2011 0039

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