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23 novembre 2012 5 23 /11 /novembre /2012 10:17



I'm really proud to do this one, a Jacques Alexandre Gillois sculpt painted for Maxime "Creed" Penaud

by the past i really enjoy to do the "Uncle Meat" mini, one of my favorite, and i'm really impressed to begin my "Mary Sue" and the "Butch".


The (mini) Master would like me to change the position of the girl on the base, and he was right, the pose is more dynamic, more sexy..


looking for, after 5 years, the good adjustements for my Nikon D90,  i finally succeed to do my first sharp pic with good contrast abd lights....pfiuuu !!!!


i will begin the painting process next week, and i should do the good choices, because the Master is really demanding on colors, details, lisibility, lights, harmony, brightness, brief everything !!!!


i also begin a convertion of Commissar Yarrick in finecast, for me the resin is really better than metal for transforming and reengraving....


i would like him to have open claws, he seems more menacing..

it's not finish of course, but i had to rework the rear cylinder, because of the open claws, the cylinder move rear, and it was also a pretext to work with brass..

i change it for a double effect cylinder, instead of simple effect done by sculptor.

it's a detail, but with a simple effect cylinder, he could only close the claws, but he will be unable to open it back...

so there will be to hydraulic wire on the cylinder, instead one....

brief, it's a bullshit detail :D




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